Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sarah and girls came last Monday so Autumn could help
Grandpa at the Flower and Garden Show. At the last
minute our best helper wasn't able to make it so, Sarah
Rachel and Autumn helped.  Beth pitched in today too,
and came home excited, lucky girls got to sit in on a class
by Cisco, one of the Pacific Northwest greatest gardeners
on T.V.

We attended the show for a few hours Wednesday. It's always
fun seeing all the displays, getting good ideas. They had a wonderful
childrens section this year.

Elise and Lilly had so much fun harvesting veggies
and planting flowers.

Chloe and I made scrape balls for the birds to use
for their nests. Cute idea.

Isn't this a darling mailbox!

I thought this was a darling little shed. Shouldn't
we all have like this!

I love this little seat! I seriously would have bought
it if I would have had a way to get it home. It was
even reasonably priced.

Springs around the corner

A chicken pen in the back of a Volkswagen bus. I loved
the their little ramp that says "Ladies Only".

Lilly and Elisie in their darling dresses their
mom made them.

This is everything that was donated or made to take to
the Starfish house. We filled three totes to take as
check-in baggage. 
Rachel and I got some last minute things today and are
almost packed.  We leave Monday morning. Can't really
still believe I'm going.
Amazing the things we do on faith.
The founder and director of the Starfish House is in the hospital
and was diagnosed with cancer just last week. She pretty much runs
the foster home. So, were kinda going into uncharted territory.
They encouraged volunteers to still come because they'd really be
needed now. Please pray for me!
See you all in China.


  1. I loved all the pictures of the show how neat! always love to see your grandkids...good luck and have a good time on your trip be safe ...write on your blog if you can....take care Penny

  2. Because of your wonderful heart and spirit, I know you will experience and contribute all you hope for.

    You are an example of kindness and brotherhood to all of us, dear Linda.

  3. Be careful, they might try to make you STAY. SO is right; if only we were all as generous and caring as you!

  4. You should have bought that bench...and shipped it to me! Do you have the store's contact info, because it looks FABULOUS!

    I'm so jealous and wish I could have been at the show with you guys. It was so much fun last year. I thought about going to the one in Philly, but their theme was "Hawaii". I'm not going tropical. Miss PNW!!!

    I think you will have a fabulous time in China. You are just the right person to be going right now. I miss you all and YOU and Rachel will definitely be in my prayers.

    (and that plant lady looks like one of the bodies they find on "Bones"...creepy!)

  5. Shows like that are fun and great for inspiration and the girls definitely looked as though they were enjoying themselves!
    Good luck with your Starfish enterprise; like everyone else, I look forward to reading about it in due course. In the meantime stay safe, enjoy yourself. I will certainly remember you all in my prayers.

  6. I still can't believe we managed to fit all of that stuff in.

  7. Have a safe and wonderful trip to China, Linda. All our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. What a wonderful adventure you and the girls are about to embark upon. You will be making fabulous memories to share forever.