Friday, February 3, 2012

shadows and murders

I've missed Molly's shadow pictures so I  thought I'd post one.
As I was eating breakfast this morning I finally figured out what
the kitten was jumping at on the wall! Birds!

I hope I know the answer to this but I just can't help
but ask......Is it really like Midsomer Murders portrays it
in English villages?  
Kitty get off my computer!


  1. I love that series - just wonder at the number of terrible goings-on in such a pretty place!

  2. Hi Linda, I love Midsomer Murders! Thankfully though, most villages don't have half so many foul deeds committed... mind you, it does get a bit scary around the time for the Village Show. Tempers flare, feuds run deep, and there is much skulduggery. I'll be doing another full report this summer.

  3. I love your shadow pic, Linda. Midsomer Murders was life in the eighties. Mind you like Elaine says, there can still be a bit of sculduggery going on around the village show time. BTW I've posted a little shadow shot just for you xx

  4. Linda. They are all filmed in REAL villages, where everyone lives in £ multi-million homes, they all drive Bentleys or Astons, and murders are as regular as clockwork! It's just based on everyday life!

  5. Well, I knew there couldn't be THAT many murders! My manly man always says(when I'm watching a show) "How many dead bodies are we up too?". I love the scenery!

    Thanks Janet, we really love her. It's hard not to love a cat that is good enough to let the grandchildren haul her around by the neck, shove her in a doll stroller and say "see, it loves it".

  6. awwww I love your new kitty addition...that was a great photo you took of her and your laptop, super cute! Nice shadow photo, too :) Now I want to go to Molly's page and check hers out!