Friday, February 24, 2012

starfish lovin'

This is a picture of Dawn.She's five months old and is in the isolation room.She has spinal bifida and has a large sack on her back.  The most important thing about her is that she's a doll.She rarely cries and always has a smile for you. Shes got something going on in her lungs and sometimes has a hard time catching her breath, that scares her.In this picture she has on the hat grandma knitted and a sweater Sarah knitted for one of her children. Seconds after the picture was snapped she threw up over everything. One of God's sweet children.

Rachel and I are settling in.We've kinda got a schedule but its a loose one. We bond over doing laundry,at least six loads a day usually much more.(don't. tell Rachel's mom but she likes doing laundry here) We've. Bonded on the 20 minute bus ride into walmart(which were not going to do any time soon again)When your just sure they can't fit anyone else on the bus or you won't. Be able to breath they don't just fit one more on but six!! It's. a good way to feel the culture
We can't think about being homesick because we've such a long time to go. Your messages. help a lot.I miss you all. The babies bring smiles to our faces.I. wish I could bring everyone of them home. We found out last night that co co is in the hospital with pneumonia. She has a Nannie with her.   Well onto our day


  1. What a beautiful little girl. I remember you, and the children, every day.x

  2. What a wonderful adventure you and Rachel are having - so nice that you can share this experience.
    I really enjoy reading your updates and seeing the pictures your pictures.
    My eldest sister lived in China for nearly ten years and use still talks about "the chicken bus" where livestock were often passengers too!

  3. Bless her sweet little heart and Linda bless you for caring.

  4. What an experience/adventure! The laundry - a labour of love!

  5. ditto what everyone else says....please keep sharing and pictures! Take care you two Penny

  6. Love your stories. So happy you are making a difference in so many lives.