Sunday, February 5, 2012

tried,tested and proven

I've always had this theory : DYI projects are NEVER easy!
           O.K. I've done my share that aren't too hard,  but I usually end
up having to be rescued by my other half. Yesterday was one of those days.
          We've been doing alot of projects around here the last couple of months,and I woke up determined to do one last little one. My manly man's alittle stressed right now with the "Seattle Flower and Garden Show" coming up next week. (Yes, the one he said last year he wasn't going to do again), so I was going to do this all by myself and not bother him.
             All I was going to do is put new door knobs on the four doors upstairs.
                          Now tell me, doesn't that sound easy?
I'd never put on a door knob but I'd read the instructions over a couple times
how hard could it be.  My honey kissed me good-by and headed to work for a couple hours. I got all the pieces out and layed them on the floor . In about a half hour I had it all together, but then couldn't figure out why when I shut the door it didn't latch. I thought maybe the plate on the jam wasn't up high enough to catch, so I unscrewed it and moved it up some. Shut the door and it did latch, but, it wouldn't unlatch. So, I took the knob all apart and I still couldn't unlatch the door.  Yikes, I was stuck in the toy room til my manly man came home.
                 Now mind you there was a tv in there so I didn't have to play with toys for two hours.  And.........a comfy chair.
                So, to make a long story short, manly man came home, couldn't budge it, got the ladder out, handed me tools through the window to take the door off the hinges, couldn't do it, finally had me climb out the window and down to safety.

                            Still no door knobs on..............


  1. That's a great story! :)

    Cozy has started opening doors. Twice now she's taken the door know off when she was trying to open doors. Different doors too! I'm not sure how she does it.

  2. Oh no! Were there any good programmes on the telly? Ours are usually rubbish until late on! Linda so glad you finally managed your exit OK

    1. oh my gosh I can't stop laughing !!!! (sorry) sounds like something I would least you had the TV (but no bathroom) thankgoodness he could have been gone all day! Penny

    2. Linda, my hat off to you for trying. Thanx for that hilarious story! I'm glad you are okay.

  3. So what's the next project? Painting yourself into a corner? Securing your feet into concrete? Or maybe just wiring yourself up to the mains! They're all worth a try.

  4. If I didn't know any better Cro, I would think you were making fun of me!

    Yes, Penny I thought of that! No cell phone. I guess I could have opened the window and yelled for help.

  5. Thank goodness your manly man wasn't away for a week! Well done for trying though!!

  6. Linda, this is too funny! Waaaay better than painting yourself into a corner! I think you'd better carry a cell phone in your pocket from now on for all DIY projects!

  7. ahahahaa what an awesome blog post! and you look cuuuuuuute coming down that later, Momma! woooowoooo!