Friday, March 2, 2012


Tomarrow and Monday will be great days for Starfish House!
Jack,Joy and Jane will be adopted. Happy day! Jack is paralyzed  and is 4.The family that's taking Jack this is like their ninth specially needs adoption.I'm so happy for Jack he's such a smart little guy and now he'll have a chance to show it. Joy is a cute little 2yr. old who desperately needs some individual attention.We call her a drama queen, you can hear her throwing fits and crying all over the place. Jane is a darling two year old that was spinal bifia but not paralyzed. She is best friends with Charlotte who will go to the Seattle area in a few months.So their to be split up now.They seriously walk around holding hands,its so sweet.
It's so wonderful to see children leaving, the less children here the fewer the Xi'an Orphanage can take back.
I've. been kinda staying away from Zander alittle.Everytime I check in on him he's being held by different volunteers and seems very happy. His new nanny is wonderful and I only see him in his high chair when he eats. He ran to me in his walker, I kissed his head and off he went.

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  1. It sounds like things are going better for Zander...and it's a good thing, since you aren't a permanent fixture there.
    I love you, Mom!