Monday, March 12, 2012


In the office there's a screen where you can watch the different rooms( security cameras) . So Rachel was watching one room during nap time,I was laughing so hard as she told me everything.
So the nanny lays four of the older kids down.
The minute the nanny leaves they all stand up and start throwing their bottles in each others cribs,Ryan scoots his crib all the way across the room,  nanny comes in and scolds them all,they all lay down again.Nanny leaves, Chloe the oldest gets in everyones cribs and helps them throw all their bedding on the floor and then undresses Co Co down to her diaper.Nanny comes in and gets them all up.


  1. hah, that's so funny! I always wanted to put a security camera on Lance. I always walked in on him with things in pieces...that would have been interesting to watch