Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Its been such a crazy weekend I'm kinda on overload. The last two nights Rachel and I watched four children that were isolated with fever and respiratory problems,there weren't enough nanny's to go around.Rachel's comment after the first night was "I have a new respect for motherhood." I'll admit I'd forgotten what it was like to be to be dragged from a warm bed groggy with sleep and care for a sick baby.
A nurse from the US has been here for a couple days,she was busy giving breathing treatments and administering anti biotics.I was grateful she started Rachel on them too. Patrick, the director for now, is in the hospital right now with the same stuff.Hopefully he'll be back tomarrow.
Rachel and I decided not to go to Bejing, that took a lot of stress off us. Were just not in the site seeing mode. Just going to Wal-Mart for food wears me out. We do plan on seeing a few things.
I have come to just hate the language barrier. With lots of hand gestures the nanny's and I can figure out what we need to and I can say thank you but that's about it. I have a great respect for the nanny's and there's even a few I d love to be friends with.
There's is a hard job.

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