Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bee Day and Birthday

The bees came on my birthday this year. It went smoothly and most of them have been picked up by their adoptive families! I was sick over the week-end and unfortunately Jim got it and was so sick yesterday. He had to open the store since Quinton was in Calif. Our daughter Rachel was a welcome sight when she showed up about at about three, she really saved the day. I got to spend my birthday with her Lance and Luna and we had a great time. Made pancakes for breakfast, went out for lunch and then picked up Britton and Lucy and headed for "Jump, roll & play". When we dropped the girls off Beth had made me an incredible birthday cake..Chocolate Gnash?? ummm
So Bee day went well and I had a lovely Birthday! thanks everyone!

five hundred boxes of bees

"The Crew" except Rachel who's taking the picture

I'd made the beehive cake in recognition of "bee day" and they used it
to sing Happy Birthday to me. One big candle!


  1. Sorry to hear you'd both gone down with the dreaded lurgie Linda. Bless Rachel for saving the day and the gorgeous chocolate cake. Happy Birthday and bee day. Love the big candle in the middle of your bee cake. xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Linda and hope you are feeling better.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Linda! I'm sorry you've been ill - not fair!
    I enjoyed your post about your best Mother's Day - what an unforgettable day!
    I wish I could come down for that show in early May. If it weren't for the wedding I'd do it.