Sunday, April 8, 2012


We've just been having the most beautiful week-end.
It was 69 when we got out of church.
Friday night I went to the "Bedlemites" to babysit, and
since I didn't have my cell phone on I didn't get the
message they were all sick. And by all, that means
mom and dad too! Which is never suppose to happen!
Right! Moms are never suppose to get sick and
never dad at the same time.
I hate when my manly man and I are sick at the same
time.(He's just sure he's the sickest!)
Anyway......I arrived at their door, poor Lucy coughing her
little lungs out, everyone warm with sad.
I did stay so we could get that bunny cake made.
They still weren't well last night.
Lovely church today, messages of hope,
and now I'm laying here with an icepack on my
aching ribs. Back to accupuncture.


  1. Well I do hope those nasty little GERMS didn't latch onto you as well!!!

  2. Lovely blog; I've just found you, and am now following ~ ♥♥
    Anne ~ Hope everyone is well soon!

  3. Thanks Anne!Very sweet of you.

  4. Oh my, I hope you don't come down with some nasty bug also.

  5. Hope they're better soon Linda .... and at least the bunny cake got made. Hope you had a nice Easter xx