Tuesday, April 3, 2012

X'ian city wall (there was LOTS of laughing going on)I thought
Rachel was weaving to scare me but she says she was
dodging holes??

I'll be sad to see the Veatchlings (my grandchildren)leave tomarrow but this is one tired Grandma. Wish I had more energy.! Yesterday was a wonderful day and the older children played outside all day in the woods building a fort and then slept outside by themselves in a tent (in the fort). I told them I'd pay them each a dollar if they stayed through the night. And indeed they did! Madalynn said it was such fun she didn't need a dollar and Abby said she'd take it. It didn't rain on them but made up for it today by raining til four p.m. Conner need walking and I don't think would have ever stopped if we hadn't made him.He sat down in the street and had alittle fit and then I gave him a horsie ride back.  We made our Easter Bunny cakes this afternoon, everyone helping in some sort of form. Even Conner put on jelly beans . Tomarrow their dad will pick up everyone but Maddy who will work at the store with Grandpa. I was sitting in the living room folding cloths as Grandpa put Natalie to bed up in the loft. Pretty funny as Natalie bossed him around...telling him exactly how she wanted everything. He told her she was sure the bossiest girl he'd ever know and she came right back and said he was the bossiest Grandpa she'd ever known! Maybe she'll be the first woman president because she sure like to rule the world!
Grandpa's busy putting together some surprises in
the garage...can't wait to show
you some pictures.

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  1. Okay. I was so weaving the pot holes. :) You on the other hand were trying to drive us off the wall. :)