Monday, May 21, 2012

joys of life

This may very well become a new favorite at our house!
I got this recipe off Pinterest which makes me
happy that my time on there isn't a
complete waste of .
It's a layered dish of summer and zucchini squash, potatoes, and
onions baked at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and then
covered in a soft cheese and baked another
30 minutes. For all you squash haters you can't even really
taste the squash, the flavors just all blend together for
a wonderful quick meal.

Another idea off Pinterest! This was our Abigail's birthday cake
for her 9th birthday party this week-end. Aren't the flip
flops darling! Their nutter butters, frosted with pieces of
laughy taffy for the straps.

We have had two weeks of the most beautiful weather you
could ever imagine, I can't tell you how wonderful it's been for
everyones moral! We knew Saturday was going to be the last day
of sun for awhile so we took the bikes to the trail for an 8 mile ride.
I woke up that morning feeling great , and my body
co operated the whole day. We did picnic, ice cream and
garage sales, a very fun day.
Our neighbors Amelia and Cassy and granddaughter Maddy.

My sweet daughter Lia planted these for me before she went
home in April and now I'm enjoying her kindness.
I love that I have gardening daughters,and a gardening son, it just does my heart
good that they all find joy in nature and are passing that on to their
children. Thanks kids for being great people!
My daughter in law Beth shared a bit of humor with us on facebook last week. I guess they were planting potatoes as a family and
Britton (6) was yelling, "I'm not going
to plant potatoes!".


  1. That sounds like a delicious side dish - the sort that could stretch quite far, if needed.
    Your bike ride must have been fun!

  2. That squash, potato, and onion dish sounds wonderful. What kind of soft cheese did you use? I love one dish meals.

    Like you, I love that I have passed on my love for gardening to all my children also.

  3. Starting over: That's what it called for unfortunatly all I had at the moment was mozzarella which was yummy.

  4. Zuccini and Potatoes sounds great, but all that multi coloured cake icing had my teeth aching just looking at it!

    Of my three kids, only one has a garden. Until recently it was just a lump of Australian 'outback', so I shall reserve judgement until it takes shape!