Sunday, May 20, 2012

queens all around

I had always wondered where they got all their queens
to sale. They were kind enough to let me peek in
while we were there.
Here they are meticulously removing queen larva from a frame.
They put one larva in a little wax cup that eventually goes
in a hive just for queen raising. (I'm telling you this with my very
limited knowledge)

these are the little cup with a now queen in it?  I guess it's a 24/7 process
for a week. Miss a step and you don't have a queen.

Here's a few of the hundreds of hives that they raise the queens
in. And then they send them to us when we order queens.
Beekeepers call us saying their queen is no good and come in for
a new one. Like I said "limited knowledge".

Now I know.


  1. oh, SO COOL!!! I'm totally jealous. I'm so happy you got to go, and no one died