Monday, May 14, 2012


We were awaken this morning by Mr. Buttercup doing his
talk, meow thing which always means
"help me find Miss Buzz Saw". So we look in all the
usual places and still can't find her. We call and call and she
doesn't come. Finally my manly man comes in and says "come on
you've got to see this". Whenever he says that I always come back with
"can't you just tell me?"  This time it was "no you have to come".
So he took me out front to our 100 ft. cedar tree and there was Miss Buzz Saw meowing for help down. I'm sure she'd been up there

all night.

My manly man gets out his ladder (puts on his fireman coat and hat (for the picture)) and heads up the ladder, Mr. Buttercup going up
right behind him.(Isn't that sweet) He calls, conjouls, and waits
for her to get close enough to grab. Finally

they get down and my manly man
builds a platform to get the ladder up alittle further.
As he finishes...... of course.....


I'm laughing and my sweet hubby says "there's only one word to
describe it.."cat". (He pretends he doesn't like cats).

So as were doing all this cat saving our oatmeal burned to a crisp......
a funny start to a day!


  1. Burnt oatmeal - who had to clean the pot??
    I'm glad the story had a happy ending - too funny!

  2. That's just so like cats; infuriating and essential. I never take any notice of when ours calls from the top of a tree; if he can find his way up, he can find his way down!

  3. Pondside I threw the pot was that bad.

    Cro we will definatly remembeer that next time!

  4. Funny!!! I like the other cat following him up.