Friday, June 29, 2012

look mom what I caught!

After two days on Orcus Island I think the Island
life is for me!
So laid back, so quite and peaceful!
Thanks Nancy and Julie for that girl time.

Girl's just gotta have fun!

We took the ferry to Orcus Island, one of the
beautiful San Juan Islands.

We caught fish! Can't even remember the last time
I went fishing. Just being out on the water was enough
for me but I'll have to admit catching the
biggest fish of the day wasn't bad!

This is a rock fish....don't touch his spines their posiness, and
their's the poor little bate.

This is the lingcod I caught (probley 10 lbs.).
Nasty looking mouth..eye.
Their a beautiful blue and even their meat is blue.

We were super disapointed when we heard almost everything
was catch and release, our mouths watering for
some fish to take home. But, it was alright
and I have to admit it was fun to look and admire
them and then let them back
into the water to make more babies.

We had just gotten out of the boat when the guy who
runs the charters came up and said they'd spotted a pod of
Orca's and did we want to go out with the spotter and see them.
It was really wonderful, a pod of probley, dad, siblings maybe even a grandma and grandpa or two.
They'd dissappear for ten or fifteen minutes (napping?) and then
appear, blowing and swimming. He'd shut the moter off and
it'd be just silent except for their noises.

I know you can live anywhere and be happy
(I've done it)
but I'm grateful to live in this beautiful place
and grateful for God's beauty.


  1. What a lovely treat you've had! I hope you at least had some fish in a restaurant!

  2. That's a lovely island, and the water so calm. Perfect for fishing.