Saturday, June 9, 2012

oregon bliss

Chloe and Grandpa made us biscuits for breakfast! Yummy!

Elise and Hannah in their hats grandpa made and sweaters Grandma
Cozy made. The goats provided their fleece for Grandpa to spin into
yarn.(pygora a cross between angora and Pygmy)

Grandpa serenading us on the penny whistle.

We went to get Sarah flowers for her planters and this was looking
out the nursery door. I do love Oregon!

We ended the day with a wonderful potato bar at Rachel's
and had fun hanging out and did lots of laughing
while the kids were upstairs planning a
Halloween scary house for us
and they did a great job.When we went up to
look they were all pretending to be dead in some manner
or another and they had put a blanket around Luna's desk
/sewing machine table and Hannahs head was through the
hole with a pillow around it so it looked like her head was
sitting on the desk. Silly kids!

My Manly Man goes home this a.m., I'll miss him. Hopefully
it'll rain the whole time I'm gone or....he'll keep all my plants
alive for me.


  1. Glad you're all having a lovely time Linda. Hope your back is on the mend now. Love the sweaters and hats. Elise and Hannah are obviously thrilled to bits with them. Has little Elise got her arm in plaster? If so speedy recovery for her too xxx

  2. Molly your so sweet. Backs alittle better today, thanks for asking.

  3. Wow Jim does a really good job! how neat.Poor back. Yum potato bar I LOVE those there is soooo much to put on them! It's such a good thing to make for a crowd and pretty easy. I have most the day to myself I am sooo excited even thou I am cleaning Ron took Andrew to a baseball game with others.I was going to babysit Miranda but Marie is taking her.
    You take care and have a nice time.