Thursday, June 14, 2012

small town america at its best

Were staying in this sweet town of Waitsburg, population
2,000. It's half way between the two towns were visiting. Were
staying in a really nice house, complete with bikes,
and hot tub.

The girls have been in 7th heaven riding bikes all around
town all by themselves! No traffic and very

built in 1890

This is my Ba-Ba's house.(gg).My grandma was
raised here and my mother spent her 9th grade
year here. It was sad to see it empty and in
disrepair. It's in foreclosure and we talked to the
real estate man who said it'd probably go for under 100,000.
I had just graduated from High School when
Ba-Ba died and would have given
anything to have bought her house.
(what do you think honey?)
Our family came to this area in the 1870's most from
Illinois. This is wheat farming country and they were wheat
growers , involved in all aspects of it. It's one thing
I love about this area...the rolling wheat hills, green this time
of year and golden in the fall.

This is the High School my grandma and ggrandma graduated

Lily was ready to go home.

Ba-Ba's tombstone along with many others.

Dayton courthouse

Ba-Ba's yard was covered with pink poppies, I've
never seen a pink poppie. We collected alot of seed
heads hopefully we'll get some for our gardens.


  1. Everything looks magically wonderful and pastoral... Except that Lilly wanted to go home. That looks like reality. I'm so glad you guys are having a good trip. And you have sun!

  2. If I was to visit the US again, that's the kind of place I'd like to stay. Not New York or Florida, but Waitsburg.