Friday, June 22, 2012

soapstone and beautiful scenery

My Manly Man had a commitment to full fill to his daughter
which required a trip up into the mountains yesterday.
We were rewarded with a beautiful day , incredible scenery,
good company and a few friendly critters.
(and he did get a nice block of soapstone)

We went over Stevens Pass, around Lake
Wenatchee and up til the road ended.

this was our reward

Soapstone obviously is very soft, hence cutting it with
a chainsaw. It's nice for kids because they can carve it with just
a file.
The young lady in the orange  shirt is my dear friend Nancy
up visiting from Texas for a few weeks.

I was laying down in the car for alittle napper when I heard
a rumbling around little noise, looking up I saw alittle
chipmunk  that was probley looking for a handout. You've got
to watch the little show he put on for me!


  1. That's new to me - I'd never thought much about soapstone - but what a wonderful thing to give to a child who wants to explore carving.

  2. You live in a very beautiful part of the country.

  3. How wonderful to just cut off a lump of soapstone with a chainsaw. I'd never heard that before!

  4. What magnificent scenery. That is interesting about the soapstone, I have learnt something new today.

  5. Were you in the back seat when we saw Jim on Hwy 2 in Monroe? We were both stopped in traffic going the opposite directions. Lauren said, "Isn't that Brother Tunnell" It was but we thought who is that lady in the front seat? It wasn't you. Glad that you had a productive day. Jim seemed excited that he had just gotten some soapstone. We'll have to try that someday.

  6. Catching up with my blog reads tonight. Oh wow - the scenery looks breath taking.

  7. Yep I was in the back seat and my friend up front. I said hi but he was off before you heard me. Always so nice to see you, we still miss you guys.