Sunday, June 17, 2012

summers in the air

The bride and Groom, lovely couple, lovely wedding!

Isn't this a darling picture! Grandma Cozy and her
sister Aunt Delores.

balloons let off

Johns favorite person

kids loved this part of the wedding

James and Atumn trying to hide behind
the balloon

After wedding fun in the wading pool that
I played in as a child as did my children.

Were headed to my little brothers now for a barbecue, looking
so forward ! It was 98 here yesterday! Nice for a change
but looking forward to going home tomarrow
to 70 degree weather.

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful father's out there!


  1. You're right about Cozy and Delores! A wedding and BBQ all in the same day? Wonderful!

  2. Looks like a fun day all around. However 98 degrees in June is a bit much. We though here in PA may have temps like that come Wednesday. It is only 70 today and it is hard to think that the weather will change so quickly. I do hate the heat and humidity.

  3. Starting over, Yes, the heat is so zapping and then add humidity and it's misrable. When we left TX. after ten years I told God I'd never complain about the weather again. Stay cool.

  4. I totally remember playing in that wading pool as a child!