Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's your bedside table look like?

Some weeks I spend more days in bed than I'd like too , so....
I have to make sure I won't go hungry...hence the pringles
On the positive side I've almost finished the squares for  my afghan.

Dove chocolates are a must to keep the spirits up!

I always have my devoted followers to keep me company.

I'm sure your bedside table is neater than mine............


  1. It looks like a very pretty bedside table. Definitely not as messy as mine, and i don't even have goodies for an excuse! But I can't wait to see your afghan!

  2. Not mine. I wish I had that Dove chocolate on my table.

  3. Sorry Mom, yours isn't nearly as messy as mine. :) Keep trying. Tony is threatening to get another laundry bag and stuff all of my fabric/projects into it. :)

  4. Two torches; one wind-up, the other with battery. A candle holder and matches, My satellite radio and ear-piece. Indigestion tablets. Spare reading glasses. Bottle of natural spring water.

  5. I thought for sure I'd win the prize for messiest, man Lia. I want a picture.
    Cro, you sound very prepared! I always put flashlights by my bed and then they get used or swiped by a grandchild and never returned. Reminder...get another one!