Sunday, July 8, 2012

girls just want to have fun-accident

Well, I took my friend Nancy (from Tx.) to the airport Thurs.
to catch a plane to Boise, Id. to visit a friend
til tomorrow. Now I'm not sure if I'll be picking her up at the airport tomorrow or not.
She had alittle accident while having fun white water
rafting. She fell face first and broke her nose in three places and will
defiantly have to have surgery. Poor thing.
She was due to leave Wed. for home.

Got my manly man off to Oregon tonight. He's going on
Trek with Sarah, Rachel and Autumn tomorrow.
Every four years the church sends the teen-agers on a trip that
most kids will never experience. It's one of those life changing experiences that you wouldn't necessarily choose to do on your own.
They'll be going to eastern Washington (the desert) and donned in
pioneer clothing they will push handcarts up hill and dale for three days.
The opportunity to do something hard.
My manly man will be uplifting the kids with fiddle, penny whistle and harmonica music and teaching them how to play too.
I'll look forward to hearing about their adventures!
Stay safe kids!


  1. Your poor friend!
    That Trek sounds like it will produce stories for years to come!

  2. Oh poor girl!!!
    the treck sounds like fun! good for the kids