Sunday, July 22, 2012

the mushroom quilt

I was telling my daughter Lia on the phone the other day how much
I loved the quilt she put on her blog. She's always making the
cutest little quilts, sending them for new babies, or birthday presents.
A couple years ago she made doll quilts for all the niece's, needless
to say they were adorable. When I used to quilt putting together the
colors was the hard thing for me, Lia seems to have the knack for it.

 Even more impressive about her quilts is.............she's got SIX
kids . I don't know how I ever got anything done when I raised
mine...but I did.
Anyway when we were talking she told me alittle story that
went with this cute quilt and pillow, about how
God can use us in his own way to comfort
others. The day Jude's mother got this blanket in the mail they
had just received the news that Jude had Downs syndrome and heart
problems associated with. She expressed how comforting it was to know
right then that someone cared.

So, bless Lia and bless Jude. We never know when something
we do or say might bless someone else.


  1. It's true. I've been on the receiving end of kindness that the giver never even realised she'd offered.

  2. So very true! Small acts of kindness can mean so much to others.