Saturday, August 18, 2012

go away weeds!

Am I the only one that's ready for winter? I love the sunshine but believe it or not I miss the rain..............and I'm sick of
yard work!  Isn't it amazing how excited we are in the spring to
get out and get our hands in the dirt
and watch nature grow our seeds,
and just be outside.
Maybe I'm just in this mood because "baby" has broke down and
I had to mow "by hand" this morning.
No, its really the weeds I'm tired of fighting, their SO endless!
Well now I've finished my complaining I've got news to tell!

It's official , were selling our store. Yea!! Jim's got the jitters about it
but weve both agreed that we need to simplify our lives
and were thinking about moving to Oregon!
So, if you know anyone that would like to buy an apiary supply store let me know!

Change is in the air!

1 comment:

  1. Goodness. Summer blues, weeding blues, and selling-up. That's quite some change in the air. Good luck with the sale.