Tuesday, August 21, 2012

its honey time!

It's harvest time and compared to last year , it was a great!
My honey got 300lbs. off his few hives, isn't it
just beautiful.

He brought all this home and said it was for my friends
and family. So, friends (which includes anyone who
reads this) PLEASE email me your address (my e mail address
is on my profile) and I'll send you some honey (courtesy of the bee

My honey just finished his first hat with a design on it.
Sweet guy that he is, he gave it to me.

Never in a hundred years could I knit a pattern like this I have
a hard enough time with knit and purl!


  1. I love adding honey to my baked goods and I have a tomato jam recipe from my grandmother that calls for it. Your "harvest" looks amazing and I'm glad the bees are busy!! XOXO

  2. Wow! Dad is totally growing his knitting skillz! I'm uberimpressed. ....and I want to be on the honey list. Wrap it up and put it in a priority mail flat rate box...otherwise you'll never be able to afford the postage! ;)
    Love you!

  3. susan, I'm not a big honey eater but I like using it in my baked things also. Tomatoe jam! Never heard of such a thing. Hope you sent me your address!

    yes thats what we forgot to send home with the children!

  4. You are truly blessed. Your own honey! I'd love to give you my address, but it'd cost a fortune to send (and would probably be impounded too). It looks wonderful.

  5. Hey, I'm one of your honeys! Don't mail it to me, though. Let's get together for dinner...I think last time we talked about it, you up and left for China. Ha ha.

  6. All that honey looks delicious, Linda. It would cost a small fortune to send it here too - but the thought is lovely - thank you so much. Your hat looks very neat and trendy. Your Manly Man is a man of many talents.