Sunday, September 9, 2012

fall and crafting

The signs of fall are all around (except the temp. 89 yesterday!)
Despite the heat I've gone into fall mode.l'm
wanting to craft, cook and read. All of which I'm not too
keen on in the summer months.
I've been collecting driftwood and such this summer to
make this driftwood wreath and I was so pleased how it turned
out. It's now hanging on my friends wall.
Speaking of the beach.......................... I think I actually
got my fill of it this summer. I loved all my trips to Oregon
and all that it offers.( of course the icing on the cake was the

I needed some presents and had fun sewing these little
purses.(there's all kinds of utube vidios on how to make
My manly man always jokes  that I should never sew in front
of children or grandchildren.( sewing does bring out the worst in
my language.)
Were suppose to have alittle rain this week which will break our 40 and something days straight that we've gone without rain.
Here's too rain!


  1. I agree. Fall is a great time to get those creative juices flowing.

  2. James and Rachel had a good time reminiscing about your sewing practices while we were camping ;) Your pouches are adorable!

  3. Those bags are so cute, great job!

  4. thanks girls they really are easy to make