Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'll have to be completely honest with you....
I've never been a Halloween kind of gal.
But, I've made plenty of costumes over the years
I'll have to admit it was always worth it in the end
to see the children have so much fun
trick or treating.
Since we live on a dead end road we very rarely
get any trick or treaters, unless
they actually bring the children to
our house. That I guess is a good and bad thing.
Some years I'll buy bunches of candy, all ready in a big
bowl, and then darn have to eat it all. I've also been known to
throw it out, or give it to my manly man to bribe his
scouts with.
I made a couple costumes this year. Madalynn had saved their
gold curtains from their last house and asked
me to make her a glamore dress out of them with
rainbow sleeves and then I made something for her best friend Cassie
(who's my neighbor, and her brother is married to my youngest
daughter Rachel) Got that! So, here are some pictures. My far
away daughter was complaining about me not posting
things I make and I know I live for her blog so I said I'd
do better.

Rupunzel outfit
Natalie modeling the beehive hat grandpa just knitted.



  1. Natalie looks to me like a future fashion model. I'm expecting about 6 children this evening.... Bah Humbug!

  2. Those look amazing! Good job, Mom. Since it's Halloween morning, I'm finishing Jonny and Sofia's costumes and STARTING James' "Shaun the Sheep" costume. Bleh.
    ...and Cozy just informed me that I need to make her a pony treat bag. :)

  3. Those costumes are fantastic and so is the little model in the beehive hat.

  4. I wasn't home this year for Halloween, but I got to take my favorite SpiderMan out. Such great memories and the costumes are just adorable, XOXO