Sunday, December 2, 2012

family favorite cookie   We call them snowballs,or they go by
Mexican wedding cakes, pecan sandies.......
What does your family call them?
My thoughts have been all over the board lately , I just can't seem
to find the one thing I want to talk
prepare yourself!
Tis" the Season! As I've said in years past , every December
the feelings of love  for others,
concern for those less fortunate,
seem to fall upon me in some kind of magically way.
(it must be the "Spirit of Christmas")
I love it and am so grateful for it.
But, most of all are my feelings of my Savior Jesus Christ. At this
time of the year these feelings are stronger and I want to
show him how much I love him, by
thinking of him
reading his words
doing acts of kindness for him...
Today I'm teaching my children at church about the second
coming and how to prepare ourselves for it. After reading
in the scriptures about how it'll be to live on the earth after Christ
comes again.......its pretty exciting and will be such
a lovely place to live.
I'm just excited! Excited about the Savior and all he's done for me
throughout my life , the joy he brings into my life, I'm so grateful.
Were leaving for Maryland on the 18th so I've got all kinds of things
I want to get done before we leave. Not shopping, we keep it
pretty cards from Barnes and Nobles for the
grandchildren. But, I'm thinkin cookies
lots and lots of cookies!

So, that's my goal this next week....bake lots and lots
of cookies.......

I remember doing the same thing about hhmmmm 16 years ago?
Our oldest daughter Annalia got married and we were
putting on a reception for her and her hubby.
She wasn't a cake eater so she requested pies and lots of them.
I left that to the hubby and I did the cookies.
Everyday for weeks I'd bake a couple batches and stick them in
the freezer, it really was fun. ..we kinda go in
for different around here!

So, you'll be watching me bake cookies this week , yum,yum.



  1. Linda, I share your sentiments. Have a wonderful time baking all those cakes.

  2. I started my Christmas cookie baking this week. Coincidently, my Christmas cookie eating started also.

  3. I'm afraid of that to Arlene! I have always been a cookie monster!

  4. I must make some of these cookies too. We call them Mexican Tea Cakes from the old Betty Crocker recipe book. Pretty simple and easy ones to make. I have an exchange coming up next week so this reminds me to makes these for one.

  5. Was always my favorite cookie!! Have a nice time seeing family.i am terribly sick besides still going off of prednisone which is bad enough I baby

  6. Wouldn't let me finish....anyway got a cold from the granddaughter....I havnt been this sick for years..have a nice trip and travel safely