Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm not sure sledding is for 60 yr. olds....but I sure had fun and am not sorry I went even if I did damage my bum! That's what heating pads are for!
My daughter Sarah has been here for a couple days and shes into
genealogy more than I am.She spent alot of time taking out
wonderful old pictures from albums so she
can scan them in and put them on disks. They found
my hubby and I's letters we wrote back and
forth to each was sweet.
It seems fitting that today is my moms birthday since we've
been reminiscing about her.
My mother was the first grandchild on both sides of her family, needless
to say there were alot of pictures of her. She was an
adorable child.
I have some wonderful pictures I'd like to
post but, google will have nothing to do with it today.
One story I like to tell about my mom takes place when she
was nine years old. She rode the train from the east coast
to the west coast to visit her grandparents in
Dayton, Washington. BY HERSELF.
Times have changed.
Ba-Ba Isreal was a great cook.
When my mothers parents picked her up from the train at the
end of the summer they did not even recognize her
she'd gotten so chubby.

Happy Birthday Ma-ma I love and Miss you


  1. My oldest son has recently become our family archivist, and he always forwards new discoveries. Just yesterday he sent a facsimile of an 1865 newspaper cutting about an ancestor who was robbed of £3. The thief received a sentence of 4 year 'penal servitude'. Strange, the things one can find!

  2. Wow that's neat. Yes its exciting work.

  3. We have a family member who has spent 40 years researching one half of our family tree. It is a fascinating read for us all.

  4. Happy birthday to your Mum, Linda. How many miles in all, did that little 9 year old travel? What a thrilling, scary experience for her.

  5. Good for you, sledding at your age as long as as you enjoyed it.