Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My daughter Rachel and I a couple years ago
in England at a "family" home.
My husband's great great great grandmother lived there as
a child, fell in love with her french tutor, married him and was
a disgrace to the family.  They later left for America because of
religious persecution. Even in America she was called Lady Ann til
she died. And that's when our name was changed to Tunnell instead
of Tonniel.
I think watching "Downton Abbey " had me thinking about this
glorious day. We did not get to go in....closed for the day..
but we had a lovely little lunch at a little resteraunt on the
O.K. it's not as glorious at Downton but it bowled me over!
Family still lives there, we actually ran in to them in the garden
walking their dogs. No different from us really.
Gosh that was a fun trip, thanks again Rachel.


  1. I presume this was their little cottage in the country!

  2. It must have been so much fun visiting the place, knowing of your connection!

  3. I love seeing these photos and hearing the story. I would say not just the residence reminds me of Downton Abbey, but the story. Very similar to Tom and Lady Sybil's marriage:-D although, this season, quite accepted...so far. Thank you for sharing, XOXO