Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sometimes I just shake my head at the things going on in know....why can't they see
that's not going to help!!!
Some countries make us look good China. A few weeks ago a foster home that housed many orphans burned to the were
killed. Yes, a sad event indeed but their  response was even
sadder. They took ALL foster children out of their homes and moved
them all back to the big O (a five story cement orphanage) . They
receive much better care in foster homes.
So....... the Starfish house had to take all their children  to the big O. Out of their home where they've lived all their lives, where they
were cared for and loved at every level.
Fortunately they've let the nannies stay with them so far.
They don't know how this will effect further planned adoptions.
My heart goes out for my little friends,
I just want to gather them all in my arms and bring them home with me.
I had to laugh a few months ago at an article I read
that China was going to pass a law that would make children visit
their parents more and take care of them.
And how would they do that??
please pray for our sweet starfish babies.


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  1. Oh Linda, those poor little children. My prayers go out for them.