Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Britton Buttercup Tunnell turned.........

this week!!!!
When I think of Britton I want
to smile. She's just that kind of
girl, she's very enthusiastic
about things, loves
to participate and puts all she has into
Just this last month she participated in
a incredible concert given
by her homeschooling co-op.
Britton sang ALL the songs and all the
words. She has such a sweet voice.
Britton has been dancing since she could walk.
Here she is at one of her recitals when
she was five. It was
sweet, sweet, sweet.
Britton is an avid reader and has been
for a few years.
Her parents are alittle distressed at the fact that
her favorite reading material
are comics.....Calvin and Hobbs....
I love all the things Britton teaches me.
She's full of facts and shares
them with you.
Britton's the oldest of three children and sets
a good example for her younger siblings.
She's a great mommy's helper
and is good to her siblings.
I'm so thank-ful to be Britton's Grandma!
(Oh and her middle name really isn't Buttercup, we just
all wanted it to be).


  1. Happy Birthday to Grandma Linda's little treasure. She's beautiful.

  2. What a sweet post for a sweet, beautiful little girl. Happy birthday Britton.

  3. That was the loveliest birthday souvenir for your sweet seven-year old granddaughter!
    I was in your town on Saturday - spent hours in the Star Top (I think that's the name) antiques mall and in the lovely shop with the word 'joy' in the name, on the main street. One of these times I'm going to think ahead and let you know - maybe we could meet for tea!

  4. I've just bought some breakfast bowls that would go perfectly with her red spotted dress! Happy birthday Buttercup.

  5. Yes you'd better miss pondside! I'm still in Maryland so I'll let you get away with it this time! "Joy Works" my very favorite store! Hope you enjoyed it! xxxxoooo