Friday, February 8, 2013

family history friday

Our daughter Sarah has challenged us to write something about someone in our families on Friday's. I think it's a great idea to share
stories and learn lessons from our family.
(I took this picture on the way home from Eastern Washington last month)
Today I'm writing about  Betty Jean  Black.
I chose her because we both
have something in common....we both love the Columbia River.
I think Betty would be my cousin?? My father and her mother were cousins.
Betty Jean and I corresponded alittle when we lived in Texas.Her and my Grandma Robinson were close. They both had a tremendous love
of the Indians and the Columbia River. Betty Jean wrote a beautiful letter . I always enjoyed her talent with words , always so descriptive.
Betty Jean owned land close to Bridgeport, Wa. From the sounds
of it her land was up high and overlooked the Columbia River.
"What a gorgeous day- flaky clouds to the north, river calm and peaceful, orchards busy putting small sticks between branches, grass is growing and the yellow balsam flowers are cascading over the hill toward the orchards. Creeping phlox makes for lavender and pinkish flowers in the grass and the lupins are growing taller."
She describes herself......"I have long hair which I wear in a bun- have been told I talk and act like a school teacher-this tickles me as I couldn't teach anyone and I'm a far cry from a schoolteacher even though it is an honorable profession. I'm 4'11 and weigh about 120. Too heavy
for me".
......"A pair of quail come up twice daily, the other day they were near the house and they just froze. Not even the top knot on top moved, this went on for about 10 minutes, I couldn't imagine what was wrong, they were certainly scared of something. I looked into the sky and there was a hawk, way high up riding the air currents. Dear little things even they are afraid. Soon the hawk went away and they went about scratching and eating. Nature at its best...."
.."..I am privileged to have a million dollar view of our Columbia River.
Always color , wildflowers and birds, this morning I saw a buck and his mate on the small rise behind my house. What a sight....."

She told me that when I came back to the pacific northwest I would have to visit the Tri-Cities and see all the changes that have happened.
She said she hated even driving through it, the traffic was so bad. I had to laugh at that because that's one reason I love going to
the tri-cities is because theres no traffic compared to the Seattle area.
Everythings relative.

I love the Columbia because it was such a part of my childhood. My mother and grandmother loved looking for arrowheads, indian artifacts and agates along the
river. Half our fun as children happened on the river.....water skiing, rafting and swimming. I remember the summer after I graduated my friend Leslie Scanlon and I would ride our bikes to the river everyday after dinner.(I had really nice thighs that summer!)

Betty Jean Moyer was born in 1919  November 9th in Walla-Walla
She married Stanley Black 25 October 1963.
She had no children.
Betty died April 20th 2009 and was buried in her beloved

Thank-you Betty Jean for your love of nature.

....."Mother earth has felt moccasin clad individuals  treading on its surface..coyotes, mice and rattlesnakes have also shared the life on the hilltop"...................


  1. What a lovely tribute - and a gift to the children in the family - to get to know a relative that has gone before them.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when someone (anyone) loves where they live so much. Her happiness shines!

  3. It is wonderful cro almost makes me instantly like that person.

  4. thank you! also, she would be your 2nd cousin. (i think)