1.It used be Elisabeth, but now I like Chloe
2.Belle(The disney movie)
4. a.That I could have as many wishes that I want    (trickyChloe)
b.That everyone could be happy
c. That all of my wishes would come true
5.Alexa, because she crafty, LOVES reading, is smart, is Kind and is a true friend
6.$11 per month. I would probably save it.
7.My doll that I bought when I was around six years old
8.Linnia Sylvia Lee
9.Shy, Creative, and Crafty
10.That I'm Considerate
11.England, France, or South Korea
12.(The older) Clifford the Big, Red Dog
13.Tomatoes, Celery, and Water chestnuts
14.I'm fun, Crafty, I love doing Hair, I like to share, and I LOVE playing the Piano
15.A bird
I'm SOOOOO sorry i got this to you late!!! (no problem Chloe!)