Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Presidents Day was celebrated by a trip to Ikea .
A new room in the basement needed
a new couch.
I stayed home with still sick kids.

I didn't want to be negative but I really didn't think
they'd get that big box through that
door......15 yr. old Anthony was not going to
give up!

new couch put together

Sofia's new boyfriend Matt.
She's pretty excited with her new kitty.
Now everyones been sick but me...knock on wood!


  1. I love IKEA but the closest one is a very long way and an expensive ferry ride away. The couch looks very nice!

  2. I would have been skeptical too! Couch is a beauty and I love Sofia's new kitty! XOXO

  3. Good old Ikea. Our visits (very seldom) always include the restaurant, and the food store (Lady M is Swedish).

  4. I have not been to Ikea in years. I try to stay out of stores like these as I know that I will find too many things that I "will have to have" even though I don't.

  5. Yep the sweddish meatballs are pretty yummy!
    I'll think of lady m next time I go.