Wednesday, February 27, 2013

that's their story and their sticking to it.......

We'd been at the zoo only about half an hour when
we heard this incredible roaring
over and over and over again.
kinda nerve grinding...
Next we heard over the loud speaker
"wild animal has escaped, dangerous, ( and they named the area where
we were) then the emergency light began flashing...
Then we couldn't help but over hear some of the
zoo keepers on their walkies talkies
"animal in sight, animal down"
"van on it's way to pick it up"
We asked five different workers what animal escaped and they'd
all give us the same smile and say "It was just a drill".

No cardinals where we come from
So, a couple hours later we went by the lions, Mr. Lion King
was pacing and roaring and I heard one of the keepers say "still
But, it was just a drill!
Guess its time for me to go home one
fights to sit by me anymore, no one talks non-stop
to me, no one asks to sleep with me.....
my bed is calling me
time to go home!


  1. Are you familiar with Hilaire Belloc's poem called 'Jim'? You should definitely read it to the children.

  2. I think my hubby would have climb the nearest tree!! I'm all tears whenever I have to go home; I wish they all lived near, XOXO