Tuesday, March 5, 2013

just alittle laugh

I was smiling to myself this morning thinking about something Cozy said while I was visiting them. We were all eating dinner at the table one night  when I can't even remember why but I kidding shushed my daughter. Cozy sitting next to me was chuckling under her breath saying "Grandma shushed mommy". She thought that was pretty funny!
Elise learned to ride a bike last week! Hurray for Elise! And, she did it all by herself! She got to go out for ice cream to celebrate and her little sister Lilly wanted to go so badly that she told her mom " I learned to ride a bike by myself and didn't tell anyone...now can I go?

Last week Luna and her family made a quick trip to San Fransisco. Luna has never been out of Oregon or Washington so she was pretty excited. She got a kinda thoughtful look on her face and her mom asked her what was wrong and she said "But, we don't know the language".

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  1. That sounds like the UK, where you're more likely to hear Indian or Arabic in the streets, than English. Maybe Luna was thinking of Spanish!