Saturday, March 23, 2013

......where have all the modest clothing gone.......?

I have alot of granddaughters that are looking
for modest clothing to wear.
It's not easy in this world of show all
you've got.
I found this darling pattern and
thought I'd try it out this
Now I'm dying to make another one.
Well, I finally got rid of my heavy dining room chairs
that my manly man hated.
I bought some chairs on craigs list, painted them
all white, got a darling rug at target
and a more cheerful dining room!
Lance on his 7th birthday!
We are having a Hawaiian theme for cousin camp this summer
so we've got kids learning the hula,
playing the ukulele and
singing "Pearly Shells".
It's pretty darn cute and their doing so well!
We have a Hawaiian friend who's teaching the girls that
live around us.
Those Kang girls could pass for Hawaiians!
This is what we woke up to yesterday morning!
It's almost gone already.....
seems like we have to have a spring snow
every year. It's funny how badly we wanted snow this December
but when I saw this yesterday, I didn't think
it was funny at all!
Lilly, me, Lance and my daughter Rachel
in Portland last week.


  1. We haven't had that sort of snow up here at all this winter. It's certainly cold and damp, but no white stuff.
    Modest clothing - well, I think you'll have to make it yourself. The sorts of thing for sale for young girls is so very tasteless.

  2. Looks like fun times! Your dining room looks great. :)

  3. Hawaiian Cousin Camp sounds fantastic; something to look forward to, with all that snow about. Keep warm, Cro x

  4. That is a question I often ask. I like to be covered and I like to see other ladies modestly dressed, that's just me, I guess I am a little old fashioned. I do like the pattern you chose.
    No snow here, just very cold winds.

  5. Way to go making your own clothes! I hear stories about my mom and Sandy working at the A&W all day on Saturdays when they were younger. They came home about 4pm and then would make themselves a new dress to wear to the dance that night. Could you imagine? You'd have to be doing a lot of sewing to be able to whip something out that fast.

    For ideas on some modest clothing stores visit:

    Down East Basics (store in South Center and all over Utah)

    Shade (online and in Utah)

    Gap/Old Navy have Tall sizes in tops that cover the belly (I've got a long torso and this is a big deal for me.)

    Mika Rose

    EShakti lets you alter clothing (with sleeves or without, knee-length or longer/shorter) and then they make it specially for you...

    I know there are others.

    Good luck!

  6. Linda, I was pretty surprised to see the snow also, but happily it did melt in a few hours! I agree, little girl's clothing is too grown-up, but I love that pattern. I also think you dining room is cozy and the new chairs and rug are amazing. I took hula lessons for 6 years--great exercise. XOXO