Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lilly is five!

Lilly was born on April 14, 2008
in Portland , Oregon
She turned five!!
(which in our family means you can go to cousin camp!)
I love this picture of Lilly's sister Hannah holding her
when she was a new born. Beautiful baby.
She was born on her Grandpa Jim's
birthday, GGCozette's birthday
and her cousin Cozette's birthday.

Lilly is the baby of the family and up
until about now has been treated
as such.
She came to her mom a few weeks ago crying after
being asked to leave a room because she wouldn't
clean up her mess.
She told her mom that she wished she was a baby again
and everyone would be nice to her, and adore her.
Reality hits!
Lilly with a sweater that her mommy made .
It's not hard to see why she was made
over by everyone.
Here's some things about Lilly: She reads really well and LOVES
She likes to do crafts and draw beautiful pictures.
She rides a scooter really well, and can go for long walks.
She loves to cuddle.
She will ground you if your not good.

I remember taking this one night before dinner. Lilly
was hungry and not very happy.
She sat down in the perfect place....right in the middle
of the frame!
Lilly's a happy girl and I'm glad she wanted to come to our
house for her birthday this year! It was so much fun!

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