Thursday, June 6, 2013

DYI projects

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to get projects done
that you've had on your
to do
I read once that most women would rather stay home
and do a DYI project
with their husband
then go to
Well, our projects today included my manly man digging
post holes for our new fence. I
finally talked him
into renting a post hole digger (then
he'd be committed to doing it all at once instead
of one hole every couple days)
I've heard of pressure washers, I've wanted one, I've wanted
to rent one (my manly man always just grunted when
I'd mention it)
for the first time
in my 60 years
I used a pressure washer!
I literally didn't want to quit, but, my back was
screaming, my hands were
numb  so I gave
it in.
The good news is my friend said I could keep it
til I was through with it.....
Happy Day.....thanks Margie!
So...back porch really cleaned for the first time in
10 years.
When we get back in town this next week I can
stain it. I'm so excited.
I feel fulfilled!


  1. It's nice to get something done. Tell Dad I want him to teach me the art of fence-building while I'm there. I need one. ;)

  2. I make a list each winter; which I try to complete. Unfortunately certain tasks keep reappearing on the new-year's list!

  3. Wow I am impressed! I have never tackled pressure-washing. I can well imagine how numb your hands must have been!