Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nora Lavender

October 6 Nora Lavender was born into our family.
Our 22 grandchild.
Welcome, welcome beautiful girl.
9lbs. 7ozs
20 inches long.
reddish brown hair

with chubby kissable cheeks........
We felt so special getting to be their when the
baby was born (not in the hospital) but
watching and waiting with
the other children.
Proud grandparents
Proud and excited brother and sisters.
I had a hard time leaving, it was such
fun to be part of such a sweet
little family........
but, my bed was calling me home!


  1. Congratulations to everyone. We're awaiting a little surprise in April; my youngest son will soon be a Daddy.

  2. how adorable, I am very jealous :-)
    I think with a name like Nora Lavender, she has got to grow up to be a pop star!

  3. She is beautiful and may I say, I love her name, XOXO

  4. Love your pictures and your happiness - she is beautiful

  5. awww, she's so beautiful! I agree with Kath... she destined to greatness with a name like that.