Saturday, October 5, 2013


There are so many things I love about the month of
Today I got to enjoy a most beautiful day and
sit cosed up on my couch
watching and enjoying
General Conference
Lots of messages by wonderful wise spiritual men
on subjects that can help
us be happy. I especially loved Elder Hollands message
on depression. He shared with us his own
experience with depression. I wasn't surprised because his
talks are always full of compassion and encouragement to anyone
that is struggling. I've struggled with depression forever (from my fathers genes) and his words are always comforting
to me.
The cannings almost done. Our abundant crop has been shared, canned and shared some more.
My amazing manly man does the canning.....I would have quit
weeks ago. The picture above is of his "not so hot sauce". He
wore gloves he was so worried of the heat factor. It's a good thing I talked
him into tasting a bit because it wasn't so hot after all!(of course he's going to try again).
Our favorite bean salad.
hot dog relish
The wonderful (grandpa juice) grape juice!
Hopefully tomarrow we'll be going over to see a new
baby. She just doesn't want to come!


  1. Those jars are certainly beautiful, Linda. They will be bright beams of sunshine in our grey northwest winter. I'm glad you had a good day today, cosy on your couch in the sunshine. I can just picture it, in my mind's eye!

  2. I love that you can so many wonderful items! My Kelly would say to me, "mom, we aren't on little house on the prairie!" Happy fall, XOXO

  3. The bean salad looks yummy . . . I love bean salad. By the way, beautiful granite!