Wednesday, November 20, 2013

home sweet home

I'm always so grateful to come home.
We've lived in this house
longer than
we've lived anywhere. It's been a wonderful
place for us.
The year after we moved here we rented a house for a year
before we were ready to buy. I had always
wanted to move into a new house. We found a house (on a busy
road, with no back yard) put money down and started
choosing flooring, etc.....(what was I thinking!)
My Manly Man kept telling me about another house for sale that someone from church was trying to sale. It'd been up for sale for
a year already and that alone made me not interested.Finally I
went and looked at it.
The minute I walked in I knew it was the house for us.
That was twenty years ago.
I call it "Our house of healing".
It's been a wonderful place for our children, grandchildren
and us.
I'm thank-ful everyday for it.


  1. What a lovely story and your garden looks perfectly charming.

  2. thank you Kath! Your so sweet to read my blog. I feel like I have so little to say.