Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yep, today and many other days I am thank-ful for my legs!
I think of so many whose legs have failed
them for some reason
or another
and then there is me
who can walk down the street,
go up and down our stairs,
drive our car,run...when I havc too
Today I got to use my legs to take me on a walk
with Conner and Natalie.
We collected leaves, threw rocks in the puddles,
visited the horses...
all because of my wonderful legs!
I did ride my first cart at the store the other day. I rode it back in the
store  for an older woman. It was
quite fun actually!
You never know what's around the corner......


  1. Linda, thanks for the gentle reminder to be grateful for all that we have. Some days it's easy to forget the little things that I need to stay grateful for. Have a wonderful week! Gammy/Tammy

  2. My late father was a double amputee, so I have to agree with you. Celebrate every day!