Wednesday, November 6, 2013

money, money, money

Trust me it only sounds shallow at the beginning!
I'm not real great with money.
I pay the bills but its how I spend what's left over that

I'm not terrific with.
But, I am better!
And I'm a terrible saver. Truth be told.
I could go on and on....but, will spare you.
So, today I'm thank-ful that in spite of my weakness
compared to so many in the world
We are comfortable as we head toward the twilight
of our lives.
We won't be building a dream home,buying a boat or taking
any lavish vacations but,
we have a roof over our heads(hopefully a new one this
We can buy gas( even at its inflated price), food, clothing
and even have enough to pass it
forward once in a while.

I'm so thank-ful!


  1. I feel EXACTLY the same. I just hope it lasts; one never knows what's round the corner!

  2. I have always been a saver but in these times, I worry if it is enough.