Monday, November 4, 2013

my children

I've been sorting out my craft, sewing, genealogy and photo corner
up in the loft for the past few days.
It's been slow going mainly because I can't help reading
through old journals,
and looking at all my old pictures of children, grandchildren
and family.
So, today I'm thank-ful for my six beautiful children. Each totally
different, but each uniquely wonderful.
Jonathan, Annalia, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and James
I loved being a mom, it's all I ever wanted
to be.
I'm so thank-ful for these sweet spirits God
entrusted in my care.

So many fond memories

Rachel and James

Jonathan and Sarah

My Manly Man and Sarah


  1. What a lovely family! I do wish I had more children, but I am patiently waiting now for Grand children!
    Looking after your family must have been hard work at times, but what fun!

  2. After all is said and done, life is truly measured by the love we receive and the love we give. You have done well, Linda. Family is everything!

  3. it was hard! You guys know about that! Now I watch my children parent and I'm so proud of them .