Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Blue and White Dining Room
They say that passion is what makes us want to
get up in the mornings.
One of my passions is decorating. I don't do a lot of it
anymore, and need to change
My Manly Man enticed me to go with him to pick up a load
of honey bears , with a promised trip to Ikea today.
There wasn't really anything I "needed"
but it's always fun to look
and of course eat Swedish meatballs.
While we were there my passion flared and dang I
just wanted to decorate, it made me happy
just thinking about it.
I'm thank-ful for talents that bring us alive.


  1. I love the room sets in Ikea. I always think how lovely it would be to browse round the store before it opens and before all the other shoppers arrive!

  2. I like decorating too - got the paint, just need to locate my 'start' button. I love that room - it looks so fresh and bright.

  3. me too Molly! My son in law put trim up in my house four years ago and it's just now getting painted?? It didn't take long to do! I needed a jump start!