Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I really resisted getting an iPhone.  I could see why other
people had them....moms, busy work schedules..
But, I'll have to say even though I don't
use it a lot....when I do
it's worth every penny!
When 12 yr. old Maddy facetimes me just to talk
my heart leaps and I love that phone!
Talking to the kids as they bounce around showing
me things dancing for me, I just love that phone.
Tonight 5 yr. old Lilly got a hold of her moms phone and sang
to me "God be with you til we meet again", she sang very secretly and
quietly. Priceless.
I'm thankful for modern day phones that help us stay
closer to our families.


  1. My laptop and digital camera are as far as I propose to venture into the world of technology. Even my mobile phone just sits on the desk, unused!

  2. Loved reading your blog, Linda - another little bit of technology I'm thankful for as well