Sunday, December 15, 2013

About five years ago I planted five little trees
in the back yard.
One soon to be Christmas tree for each family.
Well, they grew and grew
and grew....
And this year we decided to cut one down for
ourselves! It's the perfect little
size, not to big, not to
just right!
It's the first time we've had a tree in quite a few years.
But, were home this year and
I think my manly man
is enjoying having a tree. He did a blog post
before I did.
And as I was looking at it after I finished
decorating it and said , "Isn't it adorable?"
He said, "There's still some little girl
left in you."


  1. Aw! It looks great! I do miss having a real tree....but mine is so dang easy. Pre-lit trees are a modern miracle. ;)

  2. Your little tree looks just right. I've got a little Christmas tree in a pot - it's coming in tomorrow. Little girls together. Have a lovely Christmas with your Manly Man, Linda xx

  3. It looks beautiful, Linda, and just the right size. May you always have the little girl inside of you. Have a very merry Christmas.

  4. Traditional trees are always the best... I'm afraid mine isn't!