Sunday, December 1, 2013

Baby Nora giving grandpa sweet smiles!
We had such a lovely couple days....cousins played
together so nicely, weather
was nice enough the kids raked up leaves and
jumped in them,
good food (too much actually) . Fun cooking
together, love time in the kitchen.
Now I'm ready to welcome in the Christmas season (breath Linda
breath). I'm even excited to set up the Christmas tree!
Two of the granddaughters went with me to
my favorite store downtown (Joyworks) and
I got lots of good ideas.
Here's a cute sign I saw there......
isn't it the truth!
We saw this darling truck in the parking lot
of the store so darn


  1. Is it just me or does baby Nora look a bit like baby Sarah?

  2. Yes!I just showed Beth a picture yesterday of Sarah as a baby. She didn't say much but I feel like I'm holding Sarah everytime I hold Nora!

  3. What's my Monty doing in that truck???

  4. In England, dogs are not allowed to drive trucks :-D

  5. Yes it does look like your Monty! of the perks of living in the usa.....dogs can drive! (except he's on the wrong side of the car!)