Sunday, February 23, 2014

One project down!

January 1st I started on my first project of the year! A day later I asked myself "why"???  I was thinking "maybe I'm too old for projects", or "who has time to do projects" but, mostly I said "Where's my heating pad?". Fortunately my sweet manly man felt sorry for me and pitched in. I did the trim and he did the walls and were just now finished up!
Here's some before and after pictures:
The cabinetry was off white
The walls were greyish green
I really am a terrible painter,
I always end up with drips,
and paint everywhere!
One last coat!
My handyman son-in-law refaced
the cabinets with new doors and
put new crown molding around the
tops of them.
I tried to use "less is more"
on the counter tops.
I love the new bead board on the
The color is more cheerful
isn't it!
After all my
complaining I'm still ready to
start a new project!
Some of us are just gluttons
for punishment!


  1. Well done Linda. A lick of new paint, always wins over buying a whole new kitchen. Looks great!

  2. That was quite a large project to take on. Well done!

  3. A job well done! It looks really fresh and inviting.

  4. Susan in Peckham24 February, 2014 12:08

    I had to laugh as I've just finished a similar project in my kitchen - I repainted my kitchen cupboard doors and frames. They went from a scruffy off white to a modern purple. I wish I had time to do my walls too - yours look lovely!

  5. Your cabinets look great! Tell Mike he did an awesome job! ...and I just love the new paint color. It can be your blue sky during all of Washington's cloudy days.

  6. It all looks lovely. Well done!