Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sun glorious sun!

I'm happy for anyone that's had
beautiful sunny day's
like we've had
this week! It's just what we
needed. I even hung clothes on the
That always makes me happy.
Pretty little corner of our garden
My little "cold" has finally decided to
leave me alone, am feeling better
this week. Passed it off to my hubby
but he slept his off in four days, he's always
been that way.
I am grateful for the time I had to work on
genealogy, found some really
cool things. After working on one of my
gggrandmother's for years and years I found her
death record. Sadly it verified what
various family members said....that she
was in an insane asylum. But, who knew it was for thirty years! Poor dear!
This was her home til she died in 1946.
Then! I found out the person that provided the information on her death certificate was
her brother! Never heard of before this!
And all this information I found
sitting in bed on my laptop! Isn't technology
and here's her brother Charles L. Blocher and his wife.
Amazing isn't it!
We had alittle sad news this week. A dear dear friend of ours has lung cancer. Our
heart just breaks for them. Having been
through cancer twice now it hurts even more because you know the pain everyone will suffer.
I just hate it!
But, I know none of us get out of here without
our crosses to bear. It's how we bare them
that counts.
I'm always so touched by the way people bare their burdens, their such an incredible
example to me of courage. And I need that, I'm kinda a complainer.
I love this quote from Thomas S. Monson

"If your not happy with your lot in life,
then build a service station
on it. "


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend; I know exactly how much pain that "C" word causes. We've have some beautiful sunny days, some warm and some cold, but it does inspire. The daffodils are up here in Carolina and I know Spring is around the corner. XOXO

  2. That stump is adorable! Why is everything naturally cuter in the PNW?

  3. that corner is so pretty.
    Kind wishes and love to your friend x

  4. Linda, not sure whether you will be able to read this - I have just heard on the news of the devastating landslide which looks as if it could be in your area. Thoughts and prayers going out for you and your family and all concerned. Love Molly

  5. Like Molly above, I've just heard the dreadful news about Snohomish. I hope you and your family are all OK. Do let us know. Cro x.